Metal Roof Coatings

metal roof coating on a business building

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If you’re interested in the longevity of your commercial property’s roof, you can contact our expert roofers at PJD Construction & Roofing in Aurora, CO. Call 720-275-4580 today! Metal roof coating applications are applied on top of your building’s existing roof, avoiding costly repairs or re-roofing. Metal roof coatings will enhance the lifespan of any commercial roof, adding waterproof features to your building and making it highly energy efficient. It also makes your roof strong enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Fortify your building with metal roof coatings conducted by our certified and expert roofers.

You’ll notice your roof’s performance is enhanced within the first week of having a metal roof coatings. With this type of material, your roof will neither leak nor rust. This material lasts up to 18 years with the right maintenance, it’s the perfect solution for your commercial building.

Benefits of Metal Roof Coating Applications:

  • No water infiltration, completely waterproof, no leaks.
  • Superb quality seamless roof protection.
  • Your metal roof’s life will be extended for years.
  • The commercial roof will be protected from rusting and other common issues.
  • Metal roof coatings can be applied to older and newer roofs.
  • If your metal roofing had exposed areas or seams, these will be completely covered.
  • Affordable and easy repairs if needed in the future.
  • Excellent protection against hail and winds.

When disaster strikes on your metal roof, you won’t need to settle for costly localized metal roof repairs on your commercial buildings. You also won’t have to completely replace your roof. Metal roof coatings are the best choice when it comes to saving money and extending the life of your roof.

Match this with the superb workmanship from our expert roofers. This results in a sturdy roof, ready to withstand the harshest weather conditions and keeping you, your property and your employees safe. 

Call 720-275-4580 today to schedule an appointment with our certified roofers in Aurora, CO. We are ready to work on your roof and leave your property not only looking great but also substantial and safeguarding your valuable assets.