Flat Roof Coatings

flat roof coating on a commercial roof

We Can Help With Your Flat Roofing Needs!

Looking for expert installation of flat roof coatings? Look no further. Our certified roofers are ready to serve your commercial roofing needs. Call 720-275-4580 today! We work with high-quality flat roofing materials, avoiding any downsides flat roofs may have. 

When hiring PJD Construction & Roofing, rest assured flat roof coating applications are long-lasting, leak-free, and immune to weather for decades to come. Quality flat roof coatings are certified with 35+ years of excellence in the industry. If you’re interested in getting a flat roof coating application for your commercial building, call today. Our expert roofers will be glad to take your call and schedule an appointment in Aurora, CO, and the surrounding areas. We are here to help.

Benefits of Flat Roof Coating Applications

Why choose flat roof coatings from PJD Construction & Roofing? 

If your roof has been heavily damaged by a storm or has reached an age where it is less efficient, PJD Construction & Roofing offers a much better alternative to having your roof completely replaced. How? By having a flat roof coating conducted by our team of expert roofing contractors. This method will exceptionally restore your roof. Some benefits include:

  • Save money by avoiding intensive work and tearing off the damaged roof.
  • Diminish environmental impact.
  • Because flat roof coatings are cost-efficient you are spending less on restoration services and materials.
  • Your business can remain open during the installation process. This way, you’re not losing revenue or productivity.
  • End up spending less on repairs and maintenance, as flat roof coatings are damage-proof.

Our certified roofing contractors will lead you through every step of the way, ensuring you are aware of the process and all your questions are answered. Best of all, flat roof coatings are applied over any type of commercial roofing system. This is not only cost-effective but it also greatly extends your roof’s lifespan.

Call 720-275-4580 today. Our expert roofers in Aurora, CO are waiting to take the call and schedule an appointment. Don’t forget that if your roof is damaged, you can save tons of money by getting a flat roof coating application today. Avoid bigger issues! We’ll take care of it.